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10 Must See DJI Mavic Drone Accessories

The DJI Mavic is one of the most exciting drones on the market. It has a obstacle avoidance, ActiveTrack, and a whole bunch of smart features combined with a stabilized 4K camera for aerial videos. Thanks to these Mavic Pro accessories, you can protect and do more with your drone:

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FSLabs Mavic Pro 4 In 1 Rapid Battery Charger: as the name explains, this unit can charge 4 batteries sequentially. It also displays voltage, current, and battery status.

RCstyle Drone Landing Pad: a waterproof fast-folding drone landing pad for Mavic Pro and other unmanned aerial vehicles.

GPC DJI Mavic Pro Case: has space for your drone, controller, 5 batteries, charging hub, charger, and propellers. It has a waterproof and dust tight design.

Hermitshell Travel Case for Mavic: simply protects your drone and accessories from bumps and scratches.

PolarPro Katana: lets you use your drone as a 4K camera to capture video where flying is not convenient.

SKYREATMavic Tablet Holder: it lets you combine your tablet and drone controller to get more out of your experience. It accommodates phones and tablets up to 12 inches.

LANMU Lens Hood for Mavic Pro: protects your lens in case of a crash. It is easy to disassemble and blocks the sun to get better aerial video.

Hometall Mavic Accessories Kit: comes with a lens hood, landing gear, propeller guard, and other useful accessories for your drone.

SKYREAT DJI Mavic Pro Landing Gear Stabilizers: straps onto your drone’s legs to widen the stance and prevent tipping over during takeoff and landing.

UAVMate DJI Leg Height Extender: another kit that widens your drone’s stance to prevent it from tipping over during take-off/landing. Ideal to use on tall grass or gravel.

Have you found better Mavic Pro accessories? Please share them here.

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