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3 Electric Adjustable Standing Desks

There are plenty of quality sit to stand and standing desks available on the market these days. Many of them can be height adjusted manually. These 3 electric standing desks make it even easier to change your position at work:

Versa Power Desktop

Versa Power Desktop: this standing desk comes with an automated electric lift system. You can get yours from 36″ to 60″. It can handle up to 80 lbs of office equipment.

Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Change Desk

Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Change Desk: lets you move between sitting and standing with the push of a button. You can adjust its height from 8.5 to 21.5″.

nextdesk crossover

NextDesk CrossOver power adjustable standing desk: you can adjust the height of this desk with the push of a button. It rises up to 21″ over your existing desk. An optional digital LED display is available for it.

Have you found better electric height-adjustable standing desks? Please share them here.

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