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4 Awesome Sit/Stand Keyboard Holders

Sitting for hours each day is not good for your health. Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a sit/stand workstation. Sometimes, all you need is an extra monitor and a good sit/stand arm with keyboard tray to get your work done while standing. These 4 sit and stand keyboard holders can help:

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Waterloo Sit Or Stand Capable Arm, Keyboard Tray & Mouse Tray
: has everything you need to get your work done standing. It holds your keyboard and mouse. It tilts 30 degree and rotates 360 degrees.


3M Easy Adjust Sit/Stand Keyboard Tray with Adjustable Platform
: turns your desk into a sit / stand workstation. It can raise the platform up to 10 inches above the mounting surface.


Safco Model Sit/Stand Articulating Keyboard/Mouse: a highly adjustable sit/stand keyboard and mouse holder. It has a 10-1/2″ height range. This also tilts and rotates.


Ergotron Mounting Arm: more expensive than other options but turns your desk into a complete sit & stand workstation. It improves your productivity and health.

Which one of these are you impressed with the most?

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