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3 Handy Camera Ceiling Mounts

In the past few years, we have covered plenty of awesome camera and GoPro mounts that let you capture video from challenging angles. If you would like to attach your camera or GoPro to your ceiling, these camera ceiling mounts are worth a look:

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ALZO Suspended Drop Ceiling GoPro mount: lets you hang your GoPro, Yi, Garmin, and other cameras from a drop ceiling. It allows 2 mounting positions. You can use it as a light stand too.

Arkon Camera Mount: lets you mount your camera to walls or ceilings. It comes with a multi-angle mount arm with 3 adjustment knobs and 180-degree rotation.

ALZO Upright Camera Ceiling: can support DSLR camera and small camcorders. It has an all aluminum bracket and mount construction.

Have you found better camera ceiling mounts? Please share them here.

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